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Hello! Welcome to eragon_lims. A Last Icon Maker Standing community about the movie Eragon.
This community was created and is maintained by me, juliemary1989.
LIMS' original idea by disney_hush.

I got inspired by gilmore_lims rules. Thanks! :)
1. First, you have to join and friend this community.
2. Right now, sign ups for Round II are open. So click here and follow the rules in that post.
3. Each sunday, I will post a new challenge which is gonna have a picture. You need to read the rules posted with each challenge. Then you'll have to make an icon using ONLY the picture provided.
4. You'll have until friday to submit an icon by replying to that week's challenge post. Comments will be screened.
5. On friday, I'll post that week's icons and... voting time! Voting rules will be stated in the post. Read them.
6. Do not vote for your own icons. That's really stupid and it doesn't make any sense.
7. You cannot post the icon you submitted anywhere until voting is OVER.
8. On sunday, the icon makers eliminated, along with member's and mod's choices will be posted.
9. You are allowed to one skip (if you pimp this comm, two), but you need to tell me you're using it BEFORE voting goes up. If you don't tell me you want to use your skip, you'll be disqualified. I don't what that to happen, so please, notify me you're using your skip BEFORE voting goes up. You need to do that HERE.
NEW If you fail to submit your icon for a challenge and you don't tell me you need to use your skip, I'll use your skip for you.
10. You cannot skip the first challenge. You cannot skip the first challenge.
11. If you can't take being voted out and/or can't handle negative comments about your icons, this community is not for you.
12. When you reply to the sign up post please write Fly Away somewhere in your comment so I know you've read the rules.
13. Have fun! ;D

Second Runner Up mah_akh [see the icons]
Runner Up faerie_dance [see the icons]
WINNER pokecharm [see the icons]

This may change:
Sunday New challenge!
Tuesday First reminder.
Thursday Second reminder.
Friday Last reminder, if needed. Deadline for all entries. Voting goes up.
Sunday Voting closes. Eliminated icons and member's and mod's choices are posted.

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